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Blue Skies

My Practice

My style is often described as warm, direct, compassionate, and attentive. I foster a safe and constructive space in which you, the client or couple, can be open, curious, and remain present.  Each person comes with their own unique experience as has different needs and goals. Below are some of the modalities we can use in our work together.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT focuses on the relationship between thoughts, feelings and actions. It helps people to change behavior and respond differently to thoughts and feelings. Exposure Response Prevention helps to reduce obsessive thinking and actions.


Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Focuses on helping people to regulate emotions, learn healthy coping strategies, improve their relationships, and change behavior. Radically open DBT emphasizes building flexibility, openness and social connectedness.


Increases present moment awareness, allowing a person to better observe their emotion and thought patterns, relate to them differently, and live in the now.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy 

Focuses on acceptance, flexibility, and making changes that align with one's true values.

Emotion Focused Therapy

Aims to increase emotional awareness and insight into relationship patterns, to facilitate attachment and healing.

Brain based science and body-based practices such as Emotional Freedom Technique, Polyvagal Theory and others, to help calm the body and mind while encountering stressful situations and recovering from trauma. 

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